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automotive films & paint protection

Exclusive dealer for Llumar high performance professional grade window tinting and paint protection.

  • IRX - Infrared Rejecting Window Film
  • Ceramic Window Film
  • Metallized Window Film
  • Dyed Window Film
  • Clear Window Film
  • Paint Protection Film
Absolute Tinting, LLC

Automotive Paint Protection

Clear Coat Finish

Clear Coat Finish is virtually invisible to the naked eye and self-heals when scratched. It is resistant to cracks, yellowing, and staining.

Shields your vehicle

Shields against rocks, road debris, winter salt, and sand with year-round protection.


We also protect your peace-of-mind. Absolute Tinting paint protection film is covered by a 10-year warranty* and is professionally installed at qualified dealers. The film's clear coat finish self-heals when scratched and is resistant to cracks, yellowing and staining. To ensure the perfect fit, each piece is custom cut to match your vehicle. Absolute Tinting paint protection film has the protection that’s a perfect fit.


Caring for your car is easy With Absolute Tinting paint protection film, you can wash your car just like you normally would. Using a factory-recommended wax will keep your vehicle looking like the day it was installed. Whatever you drive — car, SUV, crossover or truck — Absolute Tinting provides the best option for keeping your vehicle in prime condition.

Automotive Window Tinting


Automotive window tinting can block up to 99% of the damaging cancer causing UV (Ultraviolet) rays from the sun.

Heat Rejection

Automotive window tinting can reject up to 70% of the heat coming into your vehicle on hot summer days reducing the time it takes your air conditioner to cool.

Appearance and Style

Automotive window tinting can make your vehicle stand out from the crowd with style and sophistication.

Reduce Glare

Automotive window tinting can block up to 90% of glare caused by headlights and sunlight.

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